Stephane Meystre
CEO, Founder
He is associate professor at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and SmartState Chair and Founding Director of the Translational Biomedical Informatics Center at MUSC. Dr. Meystre has a medical training and background, with graduate education and experience in biomedical informatics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). He has developed and evaluated NLP systems for clinical practice and for research, and led several projects applying NLP to clinical text for automatic text de-identification, or clinical information extraction.
Meystre Lab
Greg Jones
Director, Commercialization
He is the associate director of the University of Utah Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI). He has extensive experience in software project management and moving university technology to the commercial market. Dr. Jones has led the creation of several companies based on SCI Institute and University of Utah research (e.g., Visual Influence, Inc. (now Numira Biosciences, Inc.), RayScale, LLC (purchased by Nvidia, Inc.), VisTrails, Inc.).
Kirk Mosher
Director, Finance
He is the Finance Director of the University of Utah School of Medicine and Hospital Department of Radiology, with extensive financial management experience.
Jean-Karlo Accetta
Software engineer

Team leader, interface and infrastructure guru.

Andrew Trice
Software developer

Testing and user interfaces expert.

Gary Underwood
Software developer

Machine learning and text de-identification expert.

Heath Morrison
Technologist, Web engineer

Web application and security infrastructure expert.