Documentation of clinical care is rapidly shifting from paper-based records to electronic health records (EHR), encouraged by governmental mandates and incentives. This evolution significantly enhances access to clinical information, but information is still mostly unstructured narratives, and the quantity of recorded data is growing exponentially.


These issues make it increasingly difficult for healthcare providers to quickly comprehend a patient history and conditions. Structured data entry and clinical decision support were proposed to answer these issues, but healthcare providers prefer the flexibility and expressivity of narrative text, while clinical decision support and secondary uses require structured and coded data.

The need to allow for the advantages of narrative text and of structured and coded data at the same time is strong, not only to support healthcare providers, but also to enable secondary uses of clinical data for clinical intelligence, reporting, and research.

Clinacuity, Inc. answers this need with solutions to unlock this unstructured data, to enable access to actionable clinical data, information, and knowledge for clinical intelligence, care, and research, with innovative tools to automatically extract and visualize information from clinical narratives.